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  • Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Welcome to WES PRO Realty

"WES PRO REALTY" was established in the year 2001,when the real estate sector was coming to terms with the global markets,With the liberlization of the foreign investment policy and Multinational companies setting up shop in Hyderabad, gave rise to an abundance of I.T. related jobs. Excellent incomes, gave way to investors and home makers from every walk of life , investing their hard earned money on homes and other long term properties for higher returns.

We at "WES PRO REALTY" foresaw the things to be,We planned,assisted and executed many a transaction for prospective buyers, sellers & Investors in the Twin cities of Hyderabad,Secunderabad,Cyberbad and beyond.

And ever Since, we have been growing from strength to strength every year.with a large network of very satisfied local and International clients and business associates who have been patronizing us for more than a Decade and a half.Our network stretches wide and far and we believe that nothing is impossible or difficult to achieve.

We are proud to admit that our clients have become our friends and have kept in touch over the years for advice on realty matters.