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About WES PRO Realty Advisory


Wes Pro Realty is focusing on the Hyderabad market. These markets have a high segment of migrant population working in either the IT, E-commerce and Start up sector. These Markets have a good segment of clients who are at various stages of life making decisions, i.e. ranging from bachelors, DINK (double income no kids), nuclear family with 1+ kids, joint family and investors who want to buy commercial property with rental income to secure their future. Our study revealed that there are atleast about 60%+ prospects, who stay on rent in Hyderabad. Most of these prospects dream about buying a “home” of their own or investing for their old age, however they are unable to make up their mind due to the plethora of options, location/budget constraints, time availability to finalize etc. This is where WES PRO REALTY comes to the rescue with its “proprietary solution” and partnerships with multiple real estate developers across all locations and price spectrums. To know more about our “proprietary solution” and benefit through the same please share your details

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